Building Reinstatement Valuations

Record Associates routinely undertake Building Reinstatement Valuations for insurance purposes.

In short, a valuation is required to determine the amount it would cost to completely rebuild your property from scratch if it were totally destroyed, by a fire for example.  It assumes total loss so includes the cost of demolition, site clearance, materials, labour and professional fees.

The valuation does not include allowances for providing alternative accommodation from the date of the damage to the date of reoccupation.

The valuation also makes no allowance for loss of rent or other pecuniary losses that may arise from the destruction of the building such as contents, loss of earnings or damage to other property.

This determines the total reinstatement cost and is prepared on a “Day One” basis so no allowance is made for inflation.  It is therefore important that the valuation is re-visited on a regular basis.  It is good practice to undertake a desk top update on an annual basis, with a full reassessment undertaken in every third year.

We do not recommend that you rely on the market value of your property when purchasing building insurance.  The cost to rebuild a property may be considerably higher than the market value and equally may be considerably lower.  There is no relationship.

Having an accurate reinstatement value is vital to ensure that, in the event of a claim, the property is adequately insured.

Record Associates can provide professional advice on the estimated reinstatement costs of your asset for insurance purposes, ensuring the continued protection of your investment.  Our valuations use the most up to date data provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Building Cost Information Service.

If you would like to discuss your situation on a confidential basis please contact our Julian Record and he would be delighted to assist.