Dilapidations Consultancy

In theory, negotiating a dilapidations claim ought to be simple: inspect the damaged property; agree the cost of building repairs; then do the works or pay the landlord the cost. In practice, this is rarely the case, that us where Dilapidations Consultancy by Record Associates are able to help.

The majority of dilapidations events arise at the end of a lease where the property must be handed back to the Landlord in a condition as set out in the terms of the lease or that adequate compensation is made if this is not the case. However with increasing nervousness around the financial strength of tenants and pressure on costs, landlords are looking to tenants to comply fully with their repairing obligations. Landlords have thus become more assiduous in enforcing repairing covenants at lease end and also during the tenancy via interim schedules of dilapidations.

The process of determining dilapidations liabilities is often complex due to the diverse nature of buildings, the lack of record information about the condition of the premises at the start of the lease, the difficulty of interpreting the lease itself and differing opinion on what constitutes an acceptable repair.

Record Associates are experienced in this field and are able to act on behalf of both Landlords and Tenants in providing a range of dilapidations advice including:

Dilapidations Consultancy – For Landlord

  • Preparing Schedules of Condition prior to lease commencement
  • Assessing dilapidations liability
  • Preparing interim schedules of dilapidations & terminal schedules of dilapidations
  • Preparation of costings including procuring prices for works
  • Negotiation of settlement with Tenant’s surveyor
  • Monitoring of any reinstatement works undertaken by tenant and
  • Project Management of repairs & reinstatement works on termination of lease

Dilapidations Consultancy – For Tenant

  • Advising on dilapidations liability prior to lease commencement
  • Agreeing Schedules of Condition prior to lease commencement
  • Advising on fit out works so dilapidations liability is minimised
  • Assessment of dilapidations liability for accounts purposes
  • Advising on liability & strategy in lead up to break / lease termination
  • Negotiation of settlement with Landlord’s surveyor and
  • Project Management of repairs and reinstatement works prior to lease termination.

We cover a broad geographic area which includes Shropshire, Mid Wales and the West Midlands and all the major towns and cities including Shrewsbury, Telford, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

For further reading on the subject area then look no further than the RICS’ Dilapidations guidance note, 6th edition.

If you would like to discuss your situation, Ask the Expert about a specific enquiry or obtain a quotation then please Contact Us and we would be delighted to assist.