Independent Certifier

The Independent Certifier or Tester role is very similar in many respects to the Clerk of Works role detailed elsewhere and is a role principally used on PFI or PPP projects to provide assurance to the principal stakeholders that the works are being completed in accordance with the client’s standards, specification and schedule as provided within the legal documents.

We establish the completion criteria based on the requirements of the project agreement, the expectation of the stakeholders and benchmarking standards at the earliest opportunity. Our approach ensures that from the outset all stakeholders know, understand and agree the requirements for completion.

During site inspections and system audits we monitor the quality of the construction services and the suitability of the management systems to deliver whilst also ensuring compliance with the project requirements as work progresses.

Witnessing completion testing, reviewing test and commissioning results and confirming compliance with the agreed completion criteria is the final part of the assessment allowing certification of completion.

To perform the role well a mix of skills are required including:

  • A detailed knowledge of construction
  • A close attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Clear communication of the testing requirements and timings
  • Close collaboration with the contractor to jointly develop the completion process

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