Maintenance Management / Planned Preventative Maintenance

As a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors, successful Maintenance Management is one of our core disciplines.  In short, we help client assess their property liabilities and plan accordingly so there is a robust Planned Maintenance regime in place for all the necessary Building Maintenance.

Successful Maintenance Management relies on putting in place a structured approach to repair and maintenance of one’s real estate interests so that maintenance and improvement is undertaken in a planned, pro-active manner rather than reactive wherever possible.

This approach to Maintenance Management helps prevent organizations from being unnecessarily disrupted by reactive maintenance and enables organizations to set aside monies or sinking funds for planned maintenance investment in the estate, organize internal resources, procure the necessary works and monitor progress & performance.

We deliver a service whereby we first assess the condition of the building elements before preparing a repair and maintenance schedule covering a specified period of years. The schedule details the current condition and when repair, replacement or improvement works are required and provides estimated costs for carrying out the works. These assessments are then used to calculate the potential funds required in any given financial year to be set aside by the owner or occupier to cover their asset management liabilities.

Allied to this is it also important that the infrastructure to support the asset management and maintenance function is fit for purpose so we can help organizations review their current systems and processes including service level specifications, review the effectiveness of any internal resources, the size and dynamics of the supply chain, establish what value is being derived from any existing supply chains, develop a new strategy and implement change.

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