Property Consultants – Strategic Property Advice

With an ever increasing eye on driving down operational costs and increasing value for money the real estate footprint and associated changes are becoming an increasingly prominent factor in business decisions, this is where Property Consultants Record Associates is here to help.

Careful thought is therefore required to assess what estate is held, how the estate performs, what changes are required to accommodate the ever changing business and service needs and the real estate options before charting a way forward.

Construction & Property Consultants

Record Associates are both Property Consultants and Construction Consultants so using our blend of property and construction skills we have the range of skills required to advise clients on the effectiveness of their internal resources, what value is being derived from any existing supply chains, how efficiently the estate is being operated, where assets or activities may be consolidated and new ways of working. Most importantly to provide Real Estate Advice in a holistic manner without having to engage large consultancies at considerable cost.


If you would like to discuss your situation, Ask the Expert about a specific enquiry or obtain a quotation then please Contact Us and we would be delighted to assist.